Case Study: The Benefits of Message-Forward Emails

1. The Problem

Inboxes have become inundated with click bait, predatory messaging, and ineffective fundraising emails that turn off potential donors rather than engaging them. Figuring out how to continue effectively raising money from email was a difficult challenge for our team, but our expert strategists didn’t give up.

2. The Plan

Instead of focusing on alarmist messages that set false expectations in order to improve open rates, we moved towards positivity and content that centered our clients’ campaigns to build real, lasting connections with voters and potential donors.

How does it work?

  • Instead of using subject lines like “NOW” or “URGENT”, we chose subjects like “$4” or “increasing jobs” that trigger the recipient to open out of curiosity instead of fear.
  • Instead of emails that simply asked for money and created urgency, we shared stories about jobs, the future, and a brighter tomorrow.
  • Our goal was to make the reader want to give because they felt like part of the team and that we couldn’t do it without them, not because of negative consequences if they didn’t.

3. The Results

Our message-forward emails brought in $320,000 in Rural Georgia. We grew our email audience to 210,000 people, 90,000 active openers, and an 18% open rate. Each email with a fundraising ask brought in at least $500, allowing for more emails to be sent and more money to be raised.

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