Case Study: Reimagining Political Social Media Campaigns

1. The Problem

Standing out in the fast-paced realm of Social Media can be a major challenge for campaigns. With all the different accounts, brands, other campaigns, non-profits, and news organizations competing for your voters’ and donors’ attention, it isn’t always easy to increase engagement and diversify your audience.

2. The Plan

Our team implemented a two-pronged approach to creating a successful social media presence:

  1. Create a message-forward social media plan that sparks engagement.
  2. Use this foundation to allow for organic growth that accelerates our analytics and our brand recognition.

How does it work?

  • Instead of traditionally overused displays we use refreshing practical usernames, bios, and overall presentation.
  • Tailoring message-forward posts that build your community and platform to motivate audience members into continuous engagement.
  • Apply growing audiences and abilities to achieve value for the campaign including event advertisement, donor conversion, name recognition, and more.

3. The Results

Through our engagement and organic-virality approach to Twitter, our clients’ platforms have amassed more than 270k followers in the last year. This approach has also been successful on Tik Tok where we have created and directed content that has amassed over 1.5 million views.

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