We’re Putting In The Work For Every Single Client.

The fast-paced world of politics can be exhausting. That’s why we work to use our analytics, tools, and research to keep your campaign up to date. We tailor our work around your goals, so that we can increase fundraising while preserving your grassroots network.

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Increasing Value for Each Client

In 2021, we saw the impacts of the pandemic on grassroots fundraising. Donors had other things on their mind. We knew that it was going to be harder to court donors. But our expert fundraising team did not give up. We spent months working with our clients in swing states innovating and testing new messaging and techniques that set us apart from others. Even during a difficult 2021, our candidates raised on average 300% more than similar races in the area.

Empowering Rural Communities

As a company we take pride in our commitment to service clients in rural and often overlooked districts.

Over the years we have seen our direct impact in these areas in three ways.

  1. Through the work of our fundraising team, we have raised over $2.3 million for clients in rural districts. Giving them the resources they need in order to make a difference in their communities and build party infrastructure.  
  2. Through our coordinated outreach campaigns we have helped register thousands of new voters in rural communities. 
  3. Generated momentum in multiple rural districts resulting in competitive races in states like Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. 

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We’ll Help You

Turn emails into revenue

As the digital world continues expanding, email campaigns are having to shift in order to be profitable. Often making it hard for campaigns to anticipate the newest changes.

Here at NewWave we combine our years of experience, analysis, and message forward techniques to create an email campaign that brings in fundraising while cultivating relationships.

Create a multi-faceted, message-forward campaign

Looking through your inbox, text messages, voicemails, and twitter you can see the hundreds of notifications calling for urgent action or else.

Here at NewWave we are proud to create digital campaigns that rely on messaging and connecting rather than conning folks out of money. While scary campaigns may work once, they often get high unsubscribe rates, unfollow rates, and spam reports. We want to connect your campaign to the community around us, not create even more division.

Navigate new tools and maximize fundraising

It can be exhausting to figure out the best tools for your campaign. Which is why we offer an array of services and tools so that you can focus on your community.

One of the most invaluable fundraising tools right now is Peer to Peer texting. With our list rentals, message forward scripts, and personalization you’re sure to increase fundraising while cultivating new grassroots support.

Master social media strategy

Every social media platform is different. A successful platform on any social media takes time and carefully curated content.

That is why NewWave experts specialize in helping you create personalized social media posts that are customized to your campaigns messaging.

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