Navigating the currents of digital fundraising.

We’re diversifying the world of politics by providing top of the line, message-forward fundraising tools for rural, red-to-blue, and hard to win races so that you can focus on what matters most: the voters. Together we can provide communities with access to fresh and bold ideas.


What We Do

At NewWave Strategies, we are shaking up Democratic campaigns by enabling candidates to run a high-quality campaign at a cost you can afford. Here at NewWave Strategies we are dedicated to removing the largest barrier to running for office – fundraising. That is why we are changing the face of politics by helping candidates in tough districts to build the grassroots fundraising efforts it takes to win. 

Our team utilizes innovative tactics and technology once reserved for large campaigns. Our team is democratizing these tools to enable down-ballot races to run highly effective and efficient operations. This allows candidates and their staff to focus on what matters: getting votes.

How We Do It

Our philosophy is focused on pioneering message-forward campaigns that are proven to engage and convert donors more consistently than the predatory click-bait messaging that has become all too common in this industry. This allows our clients to access a diverse group of grassroots donors while bringing in money from across the country.

By providing these services to campaigns at a fraction of the cost, we enable candidates from all backgrounds to raise the budgets you need to run effective campaigns – while giving you the freedom to focus on your community.

You’re not alone. Let’s build an impactful campaign together. Partner with NewWave Strategies today.

Why Work With NewWave?

In 2021, we saw the impacts of the pandemic on grassroots fundraising. Donors had other things on their mind. We knew that it was going to be harder to court donors. But our expert fundraising team did not give up. We spent months working with our clients in swing states innovating and testing new messaging and techniques that set us apart from others. Even during a difficult 2021, our candidates raised on average 300% more than similar races in the same area.

In an ever shifting digital landscape, our team is here to keep you up to date with the newest trends and ensure your campaign is reaching your desired audience with the impact you expect.

Three Numbers To Know

NewWave candidates raised


over the last two years.


of total campaign funds came directly from NewWave Strategies’ email and texting programs.

NewWave candidates out-raised similar candidates by


Resisting the Click-bait

NewWave Strategies helps you resist click bait and predatory messaging by utilizing innovate message-forward techniques to create campaigns that bring in fundraising while cultivating lasting relationships.

In 2022, NewWave Strategies launched our Campaigns for Ethical Emails initiative which aims to curb the use of inflammatory “click-bait” emails in politics. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about how our message-forward emails perform better.

You’ll Be In Good Hands

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